Finding your voice: A primer on...

Julia Sklar
By Julia Sklar under Insights 06 February 2018

It’s no secret that we’re entering a new era of computing - one that is breaking away from the screen to become intimately embedded in our lives. This new technology is invisible, always-on, proactive, and hyper-personal. It’s the way your Nest quietly adjusts your heating based on where you like to sit in the evening, and the way your FitBit reminds you to strive for your daily step goal.

At the heart of this new era, Voice plays a leading role. Voice-user Interfaces (VUIs), such as Amazon’s Alexa, offer a more natural, intimate and frictionless way for users to achieve the outcomes they want.

We’ve written about the rise of Voice elsewhere on our blog, and we’ve been experimenting with platforms including Amazon Alexa for over a year. A quick scan of the tech headlines alone is enough to highlight that leaders including Amazon, Apple and Google are doubling down on Voice, and speech recognition technology is advancing at an incredible rate thanks to recent leaps in machine learning. That said, what we see in the UK is that for many organisations, Voice remains largely unexplored.

To kick-start your thinking on Voice, below you can find a brief primer that we’ve used recently in workshops to raise awareness and understanding of the role Voice can play within your customer experience and mobile strategy. It includes which organisations are already making the most of Voice - and why now is the time to sit up and listen. Alongside that, we've created a scorecard in the form of a quick quiz to see if your business should be building experiences with Voice technology.